Our Achievement

Fuyao Group has achieved a capacity of more than 40 million vehicle sets for global automotive OEMs and replacement supplies.
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OEM Equivalent ARG Products

Materials used in the manufacturing of both OEM and ARG automotive glass are manufactured under the same strict standards.
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Fuyao Group was awarded GM's "OEM Supplier of the Year" for 5 consecutive years (2011-2015). We are also proud to have won Chrysler's "Quality Award" and Ford's "Global Excellence Award."
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Why Choose Us

Fuyao and Mr. Cho Tak Wong are two names synonymous with integrity, within the Automotive Glass Industry. Mr. Cho Tak Wong founded the Heren Charity Foundation, which was developed to help people throughout China and more recently the United States. The foundation was established with Mr. Cho Tak Wong’s true ideologies and principles of Philanthropy; an altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement. The charity focuses on poverty alleviation, education, rural development and culture. The vision of the foundation is to help vulnerable groups promote equality of opportunities and advance social harmony.
Fuyao Group works jointly with major world auto manufacturers, striving to develop technology that will meet and exceed our customers' needs. Over the years, Fuyao has developed and continues to be the leading edge of many high-tech automotive glass products. With an OEM supply of over 180 million units per annum, Fuyao is a world-renowned and highly recognized brand.
Fuyao is proud to affirm that all of our OEM and ARG automotive glass are manufactured under the same strict standards used during production and final inspection. The end result…the quality of ARG is consistent with the quality of OEM.

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